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An invisible spaceship capable of controlling time was created millions of years ago.

The ship's purpose was to protect future humanity from the deadly forces of nature and technology.

Until now, there was no need.

The time is upon us and the ship is here.

Who will commit to fulfill its promise?

These are "The Early Years Revised," the first person account that tells the story.


The forward movement of all time has brought us to where we are now. Our present represents the sum of all that has happened before us – our evolution, our history, the totality of humanity’s collective experience.

Time’s progression combines the accumulated forces of nature and technology, delivering humanity to current thresholds.

What if something goes wrong? What if these very forces turn cataclysmic and threaten our universe? Could such events trigger the end of all ends?

The arrival of our time was foretold – a time when our universe is endangered by absolute and final destruction.

The “Adjuster” was created to keep the forces of nature and technology in check. The spaceship’s sole purpose is to protect our universe, and those beyond.

Until our time, there was no need.