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From The Early Years Revised

When the “in the dream explanation” did not work, I wander around again, and go back to my seat.  Do not ask me how I know this particular seat is mine.  I just know it is. The floor slots and armrests draw my attention again, especially since none of the other seats have them. When I slide my hands and feet back in, things get going. 

The immediate sensation is like something is flowing through me, like a mild tingling, or vibrating.  I put my head back, close my eyes and concentrate on the feeling. 

‘Welcome’ resonates inside me.  It is not that I hear the word; rather, I feel it, like the word comes from within me. It is followed by, “Welcome aboard.”  The words vibrate inside me. 

“You are seated in the ‘Adjuster.’  You are the first to sit here.”

It is what I feel vibrating through me.  And it is not something I take lightly. Strangely, I remain in my seat, but am still loud and irritated.  “What the hell is this?  Show yourself.  Where are you?  What is this?”  This is how I react at first.

Then for a while, I repeat what gyrated through me … things like, “You are the first to sit here … Adjuster?”

I continue to be loud, demanding this thing, this whatever, show itself. 

It goes on with its message.  “You have a choice.  You may leave now, or you may remain and learn things no others know.  Should you remain, you will select three others.”

I maintain my nastiness about needing to know what is happening, but am ignored.  It continues.

“Like you, they will learn things not known.  Your judgment must be flawless.  Should you decide to remain, I will serve as your mentor.”

That is when I thought I cracked.  How could this be happening?  I am informed going forward, my “decisions will result in life or death.”

Rather than say anything at the time, I sit and think, trying to understand what is happening. 

The vibrations go on to explain I was bathed in colors.  It was a procedure that thoroughly analyzed me, and calibrated the Adjuster to my specifications only, and this same procedure is required for the others.

By now the vibrations are continuous, telling me I, like all healthy humans, embody the accumulated experience of my specie’s evolution, and all required information was captured during my analysis.  Also, all the data has been stored and is ready to support me.

I remember asking, “Support me for what?”

After having said it, for a while it is like I am transformed into a hypnotized child during story time.  Watch and listen is what I am told to do, and that is exactly what I do. 

A spinning fire ball comes in from the distance taking up my entire outside view. I am told it is the origin of the galaxy, the solar system and beyond.

Then, “The Orb of Anarga,” ripples through me, and I am told the big fire ball in front of me is billions of times larger than the sun.  I watch it spin slowly and shoot off countless fragments. My view follows a small cluster.  All fall away but one, and that one floats in closer and spins off its own clumps.  Again, all fall out of view, save one.  How many times this happens, I cannot keep track, but it goes on for some time, dividing and subdividing over and over.

I am struck with the notion I am hallucinating and think I am communicating telepathically with vibrations.  That or I am having a nervous breakdown.

When the vibrations resume, they feel different … cold and mechanical-like. I guess the atmosphere is now set to tell me something important.  The message is that the final separation I saw formed the sun, its planets and moons.  All are progeny of this Orb of Anarga.

The words clamor through me.  At this point, I think I am well over the edge, and that there is no coming back from this insanity. 

The whole thing has me in a trance.  All I can do is take it in, and make an occasional, ridiculous remark.

The vibes go on to tell me the solar system is a perfectly balanced system of visible and invisible forces; that the solar system is a gyroscope orbiting around its center star … like the atom’s electrons orbiting its nucleus, and that an invisible fluid mass connects the atom’s nucleus to its electrons.

I remember agreeing with everything I was told.  What else could I do?  What would you do?     

More unasked for information vibrates through me.  Seems this same invisible fluid holds stars, planets and moons in place, and the solar system is one super-sized structure of balanced momentum, held together by invisible electromagnetic waves flowing through the unseen fluid mass.

The next thing I am told is if I stick around, I will be able to control these very waves. That is when I think I am having a revelation, or some kind of deep religious experience.