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From The Projects Begin 

The news has reached our two friends. Amy warns them they are about to be scanned aboard, and less than five minutes later, the two are seated at their workstations, as we float above the ruins.  We get underway by going back in time. 

Smoke from the rubble returns into the ground and the crater closes.  The White House reassembles, and the jet comes back together and flies up and out.   Amy applauds and smiles.  “One crash reversed, one jet repaired and one presidential palace restored.”

The jet zooms back and up, and back until it is over Michigan, where I stop, and restore forward flow. We have gone back over an hour, and now fly along inside the jet.   

Seconds is all it takes for us to get it.  Monica scans in the hijackers’ life-waves while I work the dials.  Everything stops and everyone everywhere is locked into whatever they are doing.  All set up, I am ready to do something, but not sure what.  We share some ideas but none are the sort of learning experience we seek.  I close my eyes and plug myself in, and my mentor makes some suggestions, but under the circumstances, none make sense. 

A few minutes later, my silent, vibrating partner seems to understand our need for relevant practice, and comes up with something.  “Use the ‘Duplicator’ to become another while remaining yourself.  Use the scanner in combination with the Duplicator.”

I unplug myself and learn about the Duplicator.  Now I think I know what to do. I swing around, and tell the others I have the plan, and they should pay close attention. 

The first thing I do is scan Buck aboard.  My friends and I watch a baseball size beam of light shoot into his chest and absorb him.  The ball shoots back into the Adjuster and floats inches above a receiving chair, ripples out and forms a torso.  The torso gives off more light which, in turn, forms into a neck and a head.  Arms and legs materialize, and in seconds Buck is fully reconstituted. A clear cylinder comes up from the floor and encases him.  No neutralizing ring is needed. We all rush below for a closer look.

Monica is first to want to know. “What are you going to do with him, JD?”

“I am going to transform myself into him by using the Duplicator.” 

Axel faces me. “What?  Duplicator?”

I share what I know.  “It is a device that will transform me into him.  Outwardly, I will be an exact duplicate, but it will still be me on the inside.  I will have all his experiences and memories and I’ll know all there is to know.  His mind and all his thoughts will be merged to mine.”

FM has an immediate reaction.  “Think what you are saying, JD.  That’s a lot to handle.” 

“Yeah, I know, and you will have my back.”

My ‘gung ho’ friend raises his eyebrows, but does not say anything more.  I sit in the seat next to Buck, and work the armrest controls.  A clear cylinder comes up and encases me.  Both my cylinder and the hijacker’s fill with thick white smoke such that neither I nor Buck can be seen through our separate clouds. 

Amy smiles and tries to lighten up things.  “Looks like they have gone up in smoke.” 

Monica asks whether there is anything they should do, and Axel suggests they wait and watch.

At first lights and sparks flash around inside both enclosures.  Rainbows the size of yardsticks dart through the smoke, reminding me of the rock that changed into the Adjuster. That was the last thought I remember.

The smoke thins, the cylinders clear, and twin hijackers are revealed.  The only difference is our eyeballs.  The real Buck does not have any. 

I have been transformed into an exact duplicate of the hijack leader.  My blue eyes are now dark brown, and my brown hair is dirty blond and hangs over my ears. I am several inches taller, and my body has bulked up more than twenty-five pounds.  The bloated sensation is unlike anything I have felt, and it is not pleasant.   My stomach is bigger, my chest has expanded, and I am having bad thoughts.  
            How strange I felt when I came out of it. Most of all, I was totally confused, especially after the initial deluge of memories.  Suddenly I know the names of the hijackers, what the plan is and everything.  I have all the thoughts, feelings and experiences of this person.